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When my shipment leaves Korea, who will take care of it at my destination?
How many customers has Transpack served?
I am an expatriate. Does Transpack understand my needs?
Will we be able to communicate well?
How do I proceed?
How long does it take for my shipment to be delivered?
What about insurance?
Does Transpack have storage facilities?
Does Transpack handle sea and air shipments?
What about pets? Cars?
Does Transpack have its own packers?
How long has Transpack been in business?

When my shipment leaves Korea, who will take care of it at my destination?
Certified, Quality Partners around the World. Transpack works with elite Partners in every country. All our Partners are members of associations with high standards for quality and are audited regularly to make sure they adhere to these standards. We work only with the best!

How many customers has Transpack served?
Over 50,000. We have helped clients relocating to virtually everywhere on the planet.

I am an expatriate. Does Transpack understand my needs?
Absolutely. We understand that every relocation is unique, so we will inquire about your special individual needs. We specialize in serving the expatriate community. In fact, you could say we exist to serve you. Those thousands of customers mentioned above – many many of them, if not most, were expatriates like you.

Will we be able to communicate well?
Yes. We employ excellent English speakers in our office for move consultation. All packing and delivery crews have an English speaking supervisor. Even during your packing/delivery we will send an English speaking supervisor to make sure things go smoothly.

How do I proceed?
Call us. [+82-2-3489-2500] We will assign you an agent-Partner, and you will be on your way.

How long does it take for my shipment to be delivered.
Depending on your destination the sailing and delivery time will vary. Our move consultants will be happy to answer your questions. When entering Korea, sea shipment delivery usually takes 7-10 working days after vessel arrival if all paperwork is ready. An air shipment usually takes 3-5 working days after arrival at Inchon International Airport.

What about insurance?
Transpack can offer full door to door insurance coverage for your move, and even coverage for storage of your goods.

Does Transpack have storage facilities?
Transpack has over 560 Pyung / 2000 sq meters / over 20 000 sq ft of quality guarded warehouse storage space.

Does Transpack handle sea and air shipments?
Absolutely. Depending on your needs we can recommend the best way to move your goods.

What about pets? Cars?
No problem. We make great efforts for your pet’s safety and comfort throughout the whole process. Transpack also handles car shipments all over the world.

Does Transpack have its own packers?
Yes. Unlike many companies Transpack uses only full time packing professionals trained in-house according to our stringent standards of quality and service. We have a team of over 40 world class packers and a fleet of our own trucks.

How long has Transpack been in business?
Since 1984, that’s 20 years. We must be doing something right.

List below are some useful reminders which will help the transition proceed as smoothly as possible.

4 Weeks before the move
Schedule your moving date and arrange for pre-move survey

Inform about your relocation to the parties / organizations concerned:
  Embassy Landlord School
  Bank Insurance Credit card
  Club membership Others  

Check documentation / records:
  Passport Visa Medical & dental
  Marriage / birth certificate International drivers license School

Sort out items to sell / dispose and take actions:
  Car Furniture Appliance
  Plants Others  

Check the procedures for pet transportation at origin and destination

At the pre-move survey
Show the surveyor the items going by air, high value items for special handling / crating
Discuss customs formalities at destination
Inform storage requirements
Discuss pet handling
Discuss transit insurance
Check voltage / system at destination for electrical appliances
Inform delivery address and temporary address if any
Communicate your most important concerns regarding your move

2 Weeks before the move
Advise change of your address to parties concerned
Reduce frozen & perishable food and alcohol
Prepare insurance valuation list
Request & arrange to discontinue utility services / subscriptions and ask for final bills:
  Electricity Gas Water
  Telephone Newspapers Magazines
  Milkman Others  

1 Week before the move
Check the following:
  Flight / hotel arrangements Passport Airline Ticket
  Travelers check Insurance policy Int’l driver’s license
  Bank record Marriage / birth certificate School record
  Medical / dental record Medicine Valuables / jewelry

Label items for “Air” / ”Storage” / “Stay (do not pack)”
Compile all hand carry items: passports, documents, invoices for customs, jewelry, money,
   airline tickets, enough clothing, toys & etc.
Clean outdoor items: garden tools, bicycles, toys & etc.
Return any rented or borrowed items: books, video tapes & etc.
Disconnect freezer and washing machine at least 48 hours before packing and clean freezer thoroughly
   with a strong detergent

Keep in safe place followings on packing day
Your travel document / airline tickets
Important records / documents with immediate usage
Hand-carry high valued items such as jewelry, check & cash
Traveling suitcase with personal clothes / items for hand carry

During the packing
Quick house tour with Supervisor to show him – sea shipment, air shipment, to stay, storage and point out
   the items that are most valuable to you
Be present during packing so as any questions packers may have
Let the packers do the packing
Sign and retain a copy of the inventory
Check all the rooms, closets, patio & etc with our supervisor to make sure that all items have been packed,
   loaded in to the container
Please fill out our service questionnaire and hand over to our supervisor

At the pre-move survey
Contact the destination agent to notify your arrival, delivery date and review your customs forms and set up
   delivery date or storage, if required
On the day of delivery, check off each carton and direct them to desired place
Please let the crew unpack the items
In the case of shortage (loss) or damages, list the items on the inventory and arrange for filing claim as soon
   as possible. We would advise you to consult with move coordinator without delay

Please prepare following documents well in advance before packing date - email or fax us your documents or simply you can give it to our Supervisor on packing date.

Household goods / personal effects (Worldwide)
Photocopy of passport, picture and personal information pages
Copy of work visa for Korea
Copy of alien registration card
ID card -SOFA status
Diplomatic ID card
Work or entry permit at destination
Completed customs form(s) (US 3299 / UK C3 / Australian B534 / others ______________ )
Valued inventory list for insurance
Destination contact information
To France (French nationality only) - Attestation of change of residence
To France - Certificate of Non-Cession
Power of attorney or statement - If client is not at destination

Copy of Certificate of Ownership (Title)
Vehicle plate
Import declaration form
US- EPA standard form (Environmental protection agency)
US- DOT standard form (Department of transportation)

International health certificate - Issued approx 10 days or less before departure
Certificate of rabies vaccination
Import permit / license issued by destination country
Shipper's certificate requested by airlines

Mould & Mildew
How to prevent mould & mildew?
Mould and mildew are living organisms or fragments of living things circulating in the air.
They are extremely small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Mildew is another type of fungus, similar in structure to mould. It grows in masses on surfaces of branching threads, which looks like dense spider-webs. The threads, which produce spores, are carried by air currents or by
sticking to insects or animals. Active mould can be any color, depending on what species it belongs and what it is growing on. They do not produce their own food, but absorb nutrients from dead or living organic matter.

Why & How to relate to your international moving?
Mould and mildew like warmth and moderate to high humidity. If your goods were kept in those places then there is a possibility mould & mildew might exist, even if your goods were packed in professional way.

How can we control the causes of mould and mildew?
In South Korea, most of days are dry. Therefore if you pack during dry season or days with no rain, there is very little chance to have mould & mildew on your goods unless your goods were stored in wet & damp condition.
If your goods were in a wet condition, please take them out and let them dry or use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. If you are packing during the wet season, please operate dehumidifier for few days to absorb moisture in the air before packing in your house.

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