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Asian Tigers Transpack provides you the opportunity to choose the right moving company that has a proven record of quality and more than 30 years of worthy experience.

Asian Tigers Transpack handles both individual and corporate relocations.

  • For the individual or family, we are well aware of the importance of cost when moving their precious possessions.
  • For our corporate relocation clients, Asian Tigers Transpack understands the importance of efficiency, which allows your employees to continue to perform at a high level of business productivity.

We accomplish this by tailoring each relocation service to our client's needs and providing consultation during the entire process.

Move Consulting
Door-to-Door Moving Service (International/Domestic)
Family Pet Handling (Overseas Transportation)
Secured Storage Service
Personal Vehicle Handling (Overseas Transportation)

Customs Clearance Assistance
Pick Up Service
Special Handling (Piano, Safe, Pool Table & etc.)
Handyman Service (Hanging Pictures, Home Appliance Connection & etc.)
Loss / Damage Claim Assistance
Assembling / Disassembling of Furniture
Cleaning / Maid Service
Relocation Assistance Service

Packing Materials & Shipping Method
To protect your belongings we use qualified and premium packing materials for better protection.

Type Size (L x W x H cm) Description
     Carton Box #1     46 x 34 x 34   Album, Books, Small and / or Heavy Items
     Carton Box #2     60 x 43 x 40   Clothes, Bedding, Linen, Ornaments, Kitchenware,   
  Appliances & etc
     Carton Box #3     60 x 43 x 54   Kitchenware
     Carton Box #4     44.5 x 44.5 x 55
     Carton Box #5     51.5 x 51.5 x 55   Small Furniture, Beddings, Clothes
     Carton Box #6     90 x 55 x 23   Clothes
     Hanger Box Small     67 x 50 x 100   Short Dresses, Business Suites
     Hanger Box Large     67 x 50 x 125   Long Dresses, Coats
     Carton Pannel     140 x 200   Furniture
     Others     Wrapping Paper, Bubble Cap, Sponge Sheet, Silica Gel (Drying Agent), Tapes



Pre-move Survey
The pre-move survey allows our Move Consultant to meet personally with you to discuss your requirements. The consultant will record the various items to be packed and will take note of any special instructions. Every move is different, so be prepared to discuss your individual needs.

Remember the basis:
What to ship by sea
What to ship by air
What to put in storage
What to pick up or deliver locally
What you might add after the survey
Your company's shipping allowance
Your insurance requirements
Your travel plans and required timing
Special service needs

Our Move Consultant will provide you with the preliminary information concerning destination customs requirements, types of insurance, packing techniques, timings etc., and will follow that up with detailed answers to specific questions.

Based on the information gathered during the survey, a detailed budget proposal for your move will be sent to you within a few days.

The quotation for the move will include:
The estimated volume or weight of the shipment
The total price for the estimated move
Packing dates, or time required to complete the job
Unit price (price per cubic foot, kilogram, or cubic meter)
Risk Management
Insurance premium, if applicable
What is included
What is excluded
Extra charges for special services
The chosen delivery company at destination

To ensure proper initiation of your move, please complete the Quotation Acceptance Form (provided with our quotation) and fax it to Asian Tigers Transpack. Be sure to mail the original separately. Once we have received your faxed confirmation, Asian Tigers Transpack korea will reconfirm your packing dates.

There are certain documents that we will require to properly arrange your international move. Be sure to complete the documentation before packing begins to ensure vessel and air shipment bookings are on time. Late receipt of these documents can cause delays to your shipment.

They are:
Copy of your passport (normally only the picture page and personal details)
Customer's Instruction Form (supplied by Asian Tigers Transpack)
Application for All Risks Transit Insurance and valuation of your goods
Destination customs forms, if applicable (Australia, England, America)
Asian TigersTranspack's staff will be glad to assist you with their completion

Before the packing crew arrives, remember to keep any items you wish to take on the plane with you in a place where they will not be packed by mistake. Also, put labels on those items that go into storage, by air / sea, stay in the house so the crew will know how to handle accordingly. Asian Tigers Transpack korea will supply these labels for you.

Show the supervisor where to start and give him a brief tour of the house
Point out to him those items that require special care or crating
Do not allow jewellery, expensive watches, money, coin or stamp collections to be packed.
   These should be hand-carried by you. (The Insurer will not cover these items)
Do try to be present during packing to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about what is to be packed
   If you are packing a box yourself, leave it open for checking by the supervisor.
Failure to do so may result in him labelling it as "PBO" (packed by owner) which may cause problems
   with customs authorities and insurance companies
The supervisor will prepare a packing list for you to list each package's contents and will ask you to sign it  
   upon completion of the packing
The packing crew will also load your shipment into the steamship container or wooden liftvan crates at your
   residence. Your goods will normally go directly to the port for loading, unless otherwise specified

Shipment of your goods
Asian TigersTranspack's shipping department will arrange the air or sea shipment of your goods to the destination port of entry nearest to your new residence. Only reputable carriers are chosen by Asian Tigers Transpack Korea to help ensure that your shipment arrives as scheduled.

The arrangement of the shipment of your goods, will include the following:
Booking the container or air space with the carrier
Transporting the container or truck to your residence for loading
Transporting the goods directly to the sea port for loading
Palletizing / containerizing your air shipment in our warehouse prior to shipping and transporting
   to the airport for loading
Export customs clearance formalities and documentation
Payment of normal port handling and terminal charges in Korea
Payment of all freight charges to the destination port of arrival
Payment of normal port handling and terminal charges at the destination port of entry
   (for door-to-door moves)
Sending all related documents to our destination delivery partners

Asian Tigers Transpack Korea will provide you with the contact details of your delivery partner in your destination country and the estimated arrival date for your shipment. Upon arrival, you should contact the delivery moving company to advise them of your plans and to coordinate the documentation and delivery schedule.

Services at destination normally include the following:
Import customs clearance and documentation
Delivery to your residence
Unloading, placement in proper rooms, unpacking
Debris removal (usually on day of delivery)
Container return

Services and charges that are not included unless specified in our proposal:

Warehouse or port storage, import customs duties or taxes, oversized items such as pianos, safes, items to hoist or stair carry, split delivery, weekend delivery (Saturdays are weekends in many countries), handyman, and other special services. Charges for these services vary accordingly.


No need to sweat it out when it comes to moving. Just call Asian Tigers Transpack and we’ll do everything for you. Our Executive Domestic Removal plan will get you moved into your new home in no time at all. We are committed to moving families and homes, not just possessions.

Here’s more of what is to be expected from our move service:

A pre-move survey performed by our experienced Move Management Specialist. They will explain everything you’ll need to know about moving procedures in order to provide you with a most pleasant and relaxed relocating as possible.

A well-trained and caring moving team will ensure the safest and most professional handling of possessions. Full protection for your valuables in case of accidents with our Risk Management Insurance package.
Small home repair jobs to correct any faulty lights or creaking hinges.
Storage facilities with security provided for your belongings for a nominal fee should a direct transfer to your
   new home be hampered by renovation, legal delays or long / short term business assignments.
From start to finish, Asian Tigers Transpack is always there to ensure a complete hassle-free move.
   With us on your side, moving into a new home will never be hassle.

Short-term Storage Service
• When you have to move out from your current home to the new location but the final destination is not
   known yet
• When your current house needs renovation work
• When your house is not ready yet to move-in for your belongings

Long-term Storage Service
• When you do not wish to relocate for your furniture to your new location
• When some of your furniture does not fit in the place where you are moving to

About Our Warehouse…
Asian Tigers Transpack has a modern and secure storage facility for your valuable household goods. We store your furniture in individual steel ocean containers in the facility fabricated with all metal walls.

• Spacious area and high ceiling
• 24 hour security monitoring system
• Periodic pest control
• Double sealed, airtight & lockable storage container

Why do you need Insurance?
The protection of your household goods against the possibilities of damages and loss will be the right decision for international and domestic relocation. The liabilities of shipping carrier are very limited for the coverage of your goods while in the transit. Even though Asian Tigers Transpack will take every possible care to avoid any loss or damages, your goods will still be exposed to external risks. Therefore, we strongly recommend you insure your goods for transit at the appropriate level of protection.

Read the Insurance Policy Terms and

Asian Tigers Transpack offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your shipments from packing through delivery. It is very important to know and fully understand the exclusions of this protection which are detailed in the Terms and Conditions to avoid any surprise if there is a claim.

Detailed Replacement Valued Inventory
Take time to prepare a detailed valued inventory of your household goods and personal belongings. You may use the form given by Asian Tigers Transpack or prepare your own inventory list on your computer. Please remember to insure all the goods in your shipment. Value your possessions based on their approximate replacement value at your destination country. For example, traditional Korean chests you bought in Korea may not be same price to replace in New York or London.

How to Make a Claim
In the event of loss or damage covered by the certificate of insurance you must report same in writing immediately to your mover/insurance company within 30 days after delivery. No claim will be considered properly represented until the insurer has received the completed form, signed by the claimant, accompanied by the required documents and indicating a claimed amount corresponding with the insured value.

Pictures of your damaged items and written professional repair / replacement estimates are required in order to proceed with proper claim. Please do not discard damaged items until claim procedure is over, as the insurer may wish to collect back the damaged item(s).

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